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Sabin Sustainable Venture Prize

The Sabin Sustainable Venture Prize supports student and faculty efforts to start a sustainable for-profit business through cash prizes totaling $25,000. The competition provides feedback from professional judges, extensive mentoring from faculty, and opportunities for participants to meet and pitch their ideas to venture capitalists and industry leaders.


Awarded each spring, the Sabin Sustainable Venture Prize supports innovative student and faculty ideas for a for-profit business that advances a more sustainable way of life. Past winners include an online social platform to expand the adoption of solar power, a software package for improving forest inventory data, and a sustainable protein producer.

The competition provides participants with constructive feedback from experienced judges, opportunities to collaborate with faculty experts, and dedicated time to discuss ideas and strategy with top venture capitalists and leading industry professionals. Sabin winners also receive cash prizes totaling $25,000. Applications can be found on the "Get Involved" tab. 

The program was created in 2008 with the generous support of the Andrew Sabin Family Foundation. It is managed by the Yale Center for Business and the Environment (CBEY) and seeks to:

  1. Stimulate applications of entrepreneurship and innovation to address issues of sustainability;
  2. Promote multi-disciplinary approaches to environmental/social problem solving;
  3. Generate ideas that are scalable, achievable, quantifiable, and financeable; and
  4. Educate about how entrepreneurs turn a concept into a successful reality.

We are excited to be a part of #StartUpYale again this year - click the image below for more information and to register to attend!


Applications are now open!  Click HERE to access the application to pitch your venture at #StartUpYale.

Deadline - 5:00pm EST on March 30, 2017

Resources as you prepare your application

Mentorship: To help you apply for and win $25k, we will match you with a mentor/industry expert who will work with you during the Spring semester. This application is optional, but we strongly encourage you to take advantage of this resource if you are planning to apply to the prize. 

By submitting a Mentorship Application we will :

  • Match you with at least one mentor from the CBEY and Yale extended network. This mentor will commit a minimum of 2 hours to help you prepare your application to the Sabin Prize
  • Provide two individual communication sessions with our Communications Coach, Julie Vance. See below to see how Julie has helped past winners!
  • Apply to be matched with a mentor today!

"Julie is an amazing resource!  She has turned presentation skills into a science and does an excellent job providing extremely specific and actionable feedback (e.g. focusing on voice intonation, body posture, team positioning).  It's clear she cares - she invests herself in the success of each and every one of her coaching students." - Claire Schlemme, Co-Founder of Renewal Mill and winner of 2016 Sabin Sustainable Venture Prize


Office Hours: Meet with a member of our team for one-on-one advice and consultation.

  • Visit us during our office hours to discuss process, questions or anything on your mind about this prize. Sign up for office hours here.
  • Meet with Cass Walker Harvey for feedback and connections to other resources at Yale. Email her to schedule a meeting (

The Lecture Series

Along with the award, the Sabin Sustainable Venture is comprised of a lecture series dedicated to business and the environment.  

The focus of this year's series is on urban innovators: Bright Lights, Green Sights is a speaker series designed to explore environmental leadership within an urban setting. Urban populations have the greatest willingness to pay for environmental services yet are often the ones whose needs are least met.  Over the year, we will welcome six diverse speakers to campus to reflect on their entrepreneurial endeavors and discuss opportunities available for improving environmental outcomes while working in cities. 

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