The Yale Environmental Economics Seminar is a seminar series organized by the Yale Center for Business and the Environment, a joint center of the School of Forestry & Environmental Studies and the School of Management.  It is a forum where invited speakers, faculty, and students present either finished research or research-in-progress.  The seminar series not only provides valuable feedback to presenters, but also serves to bring together the environmental economics community at Yale. 

Yale Environmental Economics Seminar

Wednesdays, 4:00 - 5:30 pm

Kroon Hall Room 321


Jan 14 Anders Munk-Nielsen (University of Copenhagen Economics) - "Diesel Cars and Environmental Policy"
Jan 21 Paulina Oliva (UC Santa Barbara Economics) - "Technology Adoption Under Uncertainty"
Feb 4 NO SEMINAR (FES seminar with Steve Smith, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory) - "Near Term Climate Change - Projections and Mitigation"
Feb 11 Erin Mansur (Dartmouth College Tuck School of Business) - "Inferring Carbon Abatement Costs in Electricity Markets: A Revealed Preference Approach using the Shale Revolution"
Feb 18 Roger Fouquet (London School of Economics) - "The Welfare Effects of Energy Services and Technologies (1700-2010)"
Feb 25 Steve Cicala (University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy) - "Imperfect Markets Versus Imperfect Regulation in U.S. Electricity Generation"
Mar 4 Jesse Burkhardt (Yale FES)
Mar 25 NO SEMINAR (FES seminar with Jim Salzman, Duke University)
Apr 1 Robert Mendelsohn (Yale FES)
Apr 8 Matthew Kotchen (Yale FES)
Apr 15 Sri Nagavarapu (Brown Economics)
Apr 22 Lucas Davis (UC Berkeley - joint with Labor/Public seminar)
Fall 2014
Aug 27 Kenneth Gillingham (Yale FES) - "Learning-by-doing in Solar Photovoltaic Installations"
Sept 3 Tsvetan Tsvetanov (Yale FES) - "Hurdles and Steps: Estimating Demand for Solar Photovoltaic Panels"
Sept 10 Joe Aldy (Harvard KSG) - "Life-Saving Information: Mortality Risk Reduction from Air Quality Forecasts"
Sept 17 Jim Sallee (Chicago Harris) - "The Economics of Attribute-Based Regulation: Theory and Evidence from Fuel-Economy Standards"
Sept 24 Bill Nordhaus (Yale Economics) - "Climate Clubs"
Oct 1 Mark Jacobsen (UCSD Economics) - "Vehicle Scrappage and Gasoline Policy"
Oct 8 Spencer Banzhaf (Georgia State Economics) - "Panel Data Hedonics: Rosen's First Stage and Difference-in-differences as `Sufficient Statistics'"
Oct 9 Marty Weitzman (Harvard Economics) - "Can Negotiating a Uniform Carbon Price Help to Internalize the Global Warming Externality?"
Oct 15 Koichiro Ito (BU School of Management) - "Blowin' in the Wind: Sequential Markets, Market Power and Arbitrage"
Oct 29 Sheetal Sekhri (Virginia Economics) - "Agricultural Trade and the Depletion of Groundwater"
Nov 5 Billy Pizer (Duke Sanford) - "Terminating Links Between Emission Trading Programs"
Nov 12 Kerry Smith (Arizona State Economics) "Can Environmental Bonds Manage Policy Induced Risks?"
Nov 19 Nick Ryan (Yale Economics) - "Is There an Energy-Efficiency Gap? Experimental Evidence from Indian Manufacturing Plants"

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