Nina Lagpacan

MBA , 2017
Master of Environmental Management , 2017
Nina is a third year joint degree candidate interested in public land management issues particularly in the Western U.S. Before coming to Yale she was an interpretive park ranger at Wind Cave and Rocky Mountain National Parks and was a program coordinator for an urban forestry non profit in San Jose, CA. Most recently, she spent her summer working with the GIS and hydrology team at Grand Teton National Park where her work varied from monitoring glaciers, modeling stream flow and creating physical maps for different park divisions. After graduation she hopes she can continue her work protecting iconic western landscapes of the west. At Yale she is a co-leader of the WESTIES and Multicultural Community student interest groups.
Nina is originally from the San Francisco Bay Area and graduated from UC Berkeley with a B.A. in Integrative Biology and German Studies. Outside the classroom, she enjoys playing volleyball, her uke and guitar.
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