Diederik Timmer

Executive Vice President, Institutional Relations & Managing Director at Sustainalytics

Diederik is the executive vice president of institutional relations at Sustainalytics. Over the past seven years Diederik has helped build Sustainalytics into the largest independent provider of ESG research and analysis for the global investment community. He acts as an advisor to senior executives, portfolio managers, and risk professionals on developing and implementing responsible investment strategies. Diederik directly manages the Institutional Relations team that scored 1st, 2nd and 3rd position in the 2012 Thomson Reuters Extel and SRI-connect IRRI Survey for best client services person in ESG research. In 2013, Diederik transferred from Amsterdam to New York City. The move is in a response to the growing momentum of responsible investment in North America and reflects Sustainalytics' increased focus on client service and sales in this market. During his time in New York, Diederik will retain his responsibilities overseeing Sustainalytics' global institutional relations team. 

Diederik is an accomplished speaker, is invited to speak at events and conferences across the globe and has contributed to numerous books, reports and articles on the topic of responsible investment. Prior to joining Sustainalytics, Diederik managed research projects at Nyenrode Business University. During this period Diederik contributed to multiple publications, including "A billion to gain? A study on global financial institutions and microfinance," "ING Microfinance Support," and "Investors in Need of Social, Ethical, and Environmental Information" (Journal of Business Ethics). Diederik‚Äôs in-depth understanding of responsible investment, combined with his pragmatic and effective approach, allows him to advise professionals in the financial sector. Currently, he is an active member of several responsible investment and ethics committees and is a member of the PRI working group on ESG integration in equity investments.

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