Christopher LaFarge

Founder and CEO at MedicaMetrix
MBA , 1980
Master of Forest Science , 1980

Christopher LaFarge is the founder and CEO of MedicaMetrix, a medical device company focused on producing urological medical devices with demonstrated “comparative effectiveness”, i.e. reduces the cost of healthcare while improving clinical outcomes. It's first product, ProstaGlove®, enables low cost determination of prostate volume and PSA Density, which will eliminate hundreds of thousands of prostate biopsies saving billions of dollars annually in the cost of diagnosing and treating prostate cancer.

Mr. LaFarge is a serial entrepreneur who has successfully started, financed, and grown four companies in the energy, agro-business, management consulting, and healthcare industries, as well as structured a turn around for an international economic development consulting firm. He has raised more than $14 million in equity financing for these startups. He has created several successful new products. He also has significant international work experience, including assignments in East Africa, Southwest Asia, and Europe.

Mr. LaFarge was trained as a biologist and spent four years doing biomedical research at Harvard Medical School/Beth Israel Hospital in Boston, presenting papers and publishing the findings from his research on muscle physiology. Christopher received his BA in Biology from Harvard College, and an MBA and an MFS from Yale University.

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