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​Lean Startups for Social Change

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Friday September 30, 2016, 11:00 a.m. — 1:00 p.m.
Evans Hall, 4400 Lin Tech. Classroom

Join us for the first of this year's Environmental and Social Entrepreneurship Professional Skills Workshops.  This first workshop will be led by Michel Gelobter, author of "Lean Startups for Social Change."

At the heart of the radical change we are experiencing in the world today is the fact that it’s possible faster than ever before to know whether what we are doing is having an impact.  The astonishing growth of companies like Google and Facebook, our ability to remotely monitor real-world environments, and our capacity to rapidly prototype products are all part of a fast growing movement called the lean startup. This movement in the business world is driving unprecedented innovation and scale in startups and large organizations. Its key components include:

  • --radically faster feedback
  • --more granular measures of effectiveness, and
  • --a methodology that optimizes for both impact and scale.

The lean startup holds equal promise for non-profits and government, and key social sector organizations are starting to adopt the lean startup as a way to drive more change, faster.

Introduction to Lean Change is a workshop that gets participants to prioritize and immediately test the most critical assumptions about a problem or solution they’re grappling with. In about 90 minutes, they get a clear understanding of the experimental nature of lean practice and hands-on experience building a first Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with which to start the learning needed to successfully innovate on their problem/solution.